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"I cannot do justice in words to explain how much we enjoyed your presentation! Clearly you are passionate about conflict resolution and the energy with which you inform and educate made for a memorable learning event."

We feel fortunate to have had someone with your depth of knowledge and experiences engage our group and provide us an opportunity to learn and improve. In fact, we are still talking about the “aha” moments you afforded us! The tools you left us with will allow the participants to find solutions to seemingly too tough situations in both personal and professional arenas. You are a delight to work with and I thank you for spending the time to prepare such an intimate learning experience."

"Your inspiration is contagious! We would love to help spread your message, so please let me know if I can be a referral or help you in your mission to 'Stop the Dreaded Drama.'"

by Chris Slowley, VP of Events, National Association for Female Executives (WeLead)


"The energy, information and ability to touch her audience and know exactly what they needed really set Pattie's presentation apart. Our audience loved her authenticity and how she could relate to their needs and furnish insightful information to help them grow and develop. We were delighted to have her speak to our group!"
by Jennifer Webb, Managing Director, San Antonio eWomen Network


"Pattie gave a luncheon keynote for our group's annual conference, and in 45 short minutes she
had us laughing, sharing personal stories and opinions with each other, and then thinking seriously about how to "take the high road" with the difficult people in our lives. Pattie's
style is genuine and she's easy to listen to. She was very well prepared and yet spontaneous
with natural and informed responses to audience questions.

This was the first time we've featured a session like hers –titled Dealing with Difficult People
and it was extremely well received. Whatever a group's main agenda may be, inserting
a period in which to help people cope with toxic co-workers and difficult situations is a
profitable departure from the norm, and for us, it was time well spent.

Kim Phelan

2011 Program Planning Chair, Construction Writers Association
Executive Editor & Director of Programs
Associated Equipment Distributors


Conflict Connections®, Inc. presents and speaks on a variety of topics. If your group or organization is looking for a presenter to speak on the topics of abrasive leadership, managing emotions, difficult people, women and negotiation, change and transition, conflict competent leaders or other conflict management topics, then contact me to see how I may assist you.

Pattie Porter is a nationally recognized speaker in the dispute resolution field having presented at local and national conferences, events, seminars, webinars and radio for close to 20 years.

Conflict Management Series

A series of one-hour presentations that can be easily brought to your organization and staff.

Weathering the Conflict Storm: Strategies for Ending Destruction

Based on the book Stop The Dreaded Drama: 55 Tops for Ending Destructive Conflict.

Are You a Conflict Competent Leader?

When conflict comes knocking, business leaders, managers and supervisors take various approaches to how they will handle the situation. Often, responses will be based on their beliefs about conflict and their conflict management behaviors. Do you recognize these kinds of management responses? "They are adults, let them handle it" or "We just need to work together and compromise," "They know the rules, just do it," or "They are always complaining. Don't they know how good they have it here?" This presentation is based on the book Becoming a Conflict Competent Leader: How You and Your Organization Can Manage Conflict Effectively.


Knock! Knock! Who's There?... Conflict: Understanding Your Conflict Management Style

When conflict comes knocking how do you respond? Sometimes that might mean avoiding the person, standing your ground or just giving in to the person's demands. Given the same conflict situation, people will respond differently based on their beliefs of conflict and their conflict management styles. Identify your primary conflict management style and strategies for dealing with others. This presentation uses the Thomas-Kilman Conflict Mode Instrument.

Got Conflict? - Getting to the Crux of the Problem

When we become entangled in an emotional conflict, we might respond to the conflict by taking a hard position or stand. Our arguments are then based on these strongly held beliefs and the conversation goes no where resulting in the problem going unresolved. Learn how to get to the crux of the problem by distinguishing between a person's position and the interests that motivate their actions. Participants will use workplace scenarios to apply the concepts.

Managing Conflict in the Face of Change

Change occurs in workplace organizations and often on a daily basis. As leaders, we must learn to adapt, be flexible and learn the Quick Step. It is no surprise that constant change creates stress, uncertainty and often escalating conflict. Learning how to manage conflict in the face of change means understanding the transitional phases all employees experience and using strategies to minimize conflict, reduce resistance and improve communication through the transition process.This seminar is based on the research and work of William Bridges's as reflected in the books "Managing Transition" and "In Transition."


Below is a listing of places where Pattie Porter she has presented.

National and State-Wide Conference Presentations

Organizational Presentations

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