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What have participants said about Conflict Connections®, Inc. services.

Conflict Management Coaching Client

"I wanted to follow-up with you and let people know of your outstanding coaching. It has been about 4 years since you successfully coached me on conflict in relationships and saved my
relationships with two important people in my world. As you will recall, I was very emotional and afraid to let these people in my life know that their behavior was hurting me. I wanted to cut them
totally out of my life because their behavior was so hurtful and manipulative.

"Enter Patty Porter...Coach Extroidinare!!! I still utilize the skills you taught me and I have been happier in all my relationships. I have learned to set boundaries and to pay attention to my feelings-recognizing my worth and not allowing myself to be manipulated by those whom I love. I have learned to be more honest with people in my life when I feel their behavior is manipulative, using I statements and letting them know when they are crossing boundaries. I have learned that sometimes I must put some space between me and the person I feel is manipulating--taking this time to review the situation, identify my role as well as theirs; then taking the time to talk to them and explain my concerns using I statements. While I thought it would be hard to make these changes; it hasn't been and those who love me, respect the changes. I have not lost any friends!!! Another thing that I did learn is that people will respect your honesty and boundaries. I hope you are able to use this testimony so that people will know of the great work you do!! Thank you so very much again!!"

Interactive Supervisory Skills Courses - National Security Personnel System - US Air Force Military and Civilian Supervisors

"Excellent presentation!! Very informative and vital to the change that is ever ongoing!"
"I was shocked by how much I got from & enjoyed this training."
"Very professional. Not your typical military training! Thank Goodness! Great job!"
"Excellent coverage, great team work, excellent speed of presentation. Kept the class involved all the time."
"I came to this session, but did not want to be here. Within 1 hour, I was fully engaged and was looking for ways to take this information back to my unit."

Leadership Retreat - Federal Security Director (FSD) Staff, Transportation Security Administration

"Pattie truly amazed me with her skills and ability to capture thoughts."
"I could not be more impressed with the process and facilitation skills by Pattie Porter."
"Pattie was the perfect facilitator for our group. She kept the team on task, but was flexible in expanding the areas that needed additional attention."

Team-building Workshops

"We wanted to thank you for designing such wonderfully individualized training sessions. You both did an outstanding job making us feel comfortable enough to take risks and open ourselves up to criticism and we felt ok about accepting ownership for improving. All of us are excited about working together to make our 'community' a great place to work. Thank you again for providing us with such a wonderful opportunity."
~ Department Director - University of Delaware

Train-The-Trainer Workshop - Texas Mediation Trainer's Roundtable (TMTR)

"The training tips and tools were outstanding. Pattie kept us interested and participating the entire time. I will be utilizing the information in future training and mediations."

Jane A Stephenson, Conflict Management Partners

"Pattie is the best one I have heard in training, instructions of adult learning and showing effective techniques. Her skills are a model for us, including her energy."

Mike Amis, Attorney and Mediator

Conflict Management Coaching Trainings

"I wanted to take a moment to call special attention to Pattie Porter. I am sure you know what I am going to say, but to reiterate, she was incredible! Both as a coach mentor and subsititute instructor, Pattie exceeded even my highest expectations through her approach and her observations of areas that I could improve upon. She was always three steps ahead of me in our coach mentor sessions, and I am incredibly grateful to have been one of her mentees. It was very valuable to have the mentored practice coaching sessions, but Patties insight really set this whole experience over the top!"
~ Ryan O'Connell, VIAConflict

Mediation Trainings

"The importance of understanding that it is up to the parties to come to a resolution... not the mediator. Prior to the training, I saw 'resolution' as the mediator's responsibility... The role playing worked best for me. It gave me an opportunity to see theory in practice... the quality of the training we received was outstanding!"
~ Deedra Robinson-Clark, Client Assistance Program (CAP) Advocate

"This training was an excellent, well-balanced blend of didactic and experiential learning. Pattie, you are a very thoughtful, skillful, and engaging program planner and presenter!"
~ Lesley Haushalter, LCSW

"The coaches were helpful in re-emphasizing what we had learned in our group sessions... and the guest panel was interesting and enjoyable."
~ Debi Hall, Federal Government

"Creating a warm, welcoming, non-judgmental atmosphere helped to immediately let my guard down, and encouraged risk taking... Thanks so much!"
~ Brenda Farside, LCSW, School Counselor

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